Like a Tree Without Roots

Within the American Indian culture, everything is believed to carry a spirit; the trees, plants, animals, water, fire, crystals, minerals, rocks, everything that sustains and is made from mother earth. The energy that they carry could be positive or negative and is usually a balance of both. When a tree grows untended in a negative environment it will believe that it is empty and has nothing inside of it to make it feel full and securely rooted in this world.

Personally, when I think of a tree without roots I visualize a tree sitting on the ground feeling empty. Tucking in its branches hiding its beauty from the rest of the world, protecting itself because it’s been hurt by its environment before. Easily moved from place to place by the wind not being strong enough to make it’s own decisions and choices. Not realizing that if it just opened it’s mind and sat with itself then it would learn that it is connected to the whole universe and culture of previous trees that came before it. That they hold ancient wisdom of the lands on which they stand rooted upon.

The tree does not realize the amazing qualities it carries by just simply being. By connecting to its heart and roots and feeling all of the things it suppressed before. The tree frees itself and opens up a beautiful space to form a connection with its ancestors. When I look at a tree I see the beauty and ancient wisdom of the times before me. I see a connected system of nature that is beyond my comprehension, which in American Indian culture we call “The Great Mystery”.

Regardless of if the tree seen its own beauty or not it is still part of something so much bigger and is being surrounded by and filled with the powerful energy and spirits of the past. The trees show me that even if we get got lost along the way, the ancient wisdom of the trees and our ancestors can always be tapped into. We are always surrounded by, connected to and looked after by the universe. I think the moral of this story is to just be grateful for those who came before us and that we have the honor to be a part of this Great Mystery, as it is something to marvel over for sure.

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