Searching for the Good04792F5E-09E8-4D12-ABAE-0BCCF2F5363A

It’s plain to see why

Us unwanted kids

Strayed the way we did

Searching for the good

Going as far as we could

Even if that led us to the wood

Learning new ways to survive

We found a way to come alive

By seperating ourselves from our

inner beast

Because we know all too well 

What it looks like when it feasts




The Warrior Process

Leaving trails of achievement

Everywhere you’ve gone

The hard memories my dear

They had to be overcome

Darkest of times don’t last forever

Forgive yourself for not consistently

Striving for better

You had to suffer to grow

With no way out

Forced to face the past

You had to feel the pain

Still travelling through ancient timelines

Already crumbling out of this timeframe

It’s the perfect time to create a change

Your ancestors knew

You would be of good use

But it weighs heavily at your side

It would be easier to run and hide

But that’s not why

You went through what you did

Your life was meant to be tough

So you reach higher altitudes

To witness a divine new view

A different way to take in life

A chance to embark anew

To only give a love that is true

My girl this is you


#warriorprocess #poetry #artproject #anishinaabe #appreciation #positivevibes #faceyourfears #youngsouls #belove #collapsingtimelines #movingforward #standinginsolidarity #warriors

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